We’ve added a bunch of ‘found’ MB’s in the “Registry” section, and uploaded brochures and the 309 wiring diagram in the literature sections. Enjoy!

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  1. joshuanielsen says:

    hellooo my name is Joshua, I just recently bought a 1775 o 309 d bus that is mechanicly very sound just needs some love other places. I own a 1991 Volvo with 300k miles on it that I drove from maine to Alaska so im no stranger to upkeep on an older rig. unfortunately I don’t know much about Mercedes and im looking to speek with someone that does. I am going to be driving this bus from Washington state back to Alaska in a few months and am curious about where to get parts? a shop manual? and just have some general questions for anyone that has time to answer them. or if anyone knows anyone that does know all about these id love to talk to them, THANKSSS

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