I’ve just approved a bunch of comments from various MB fans around the world. There are a few people selling and a few people looking, so visit the various posts on the page to see the comments. Thanks!

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2 Responses to Approved!

  1. L S D says:

    Hi,just joined the site and cant work out how i can post a wanted enquiery on the site for a Mercedes 0 309 long ratio rear differential unit or help in pointing me in the right direction.Regards,Dave.

  2. morosa309 says:

    Hi All
    We just bought a 1979 309 bus, we love it to bits, I have never felt such affection for a motor in my life. She just needed a bit of a scrub and some light, paint and love. I wanted to share with you, stilll heaps to do but she is starting to gleam. How do I share pics or comments?.

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