Mercedes Benz Bus Appreciation Group on Facebook!

1965591_10205234377445058_1119774139788882833_oAnother good source for information:

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  1. Pucho1974 says:

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a 1979 409 truck. Fell in love the first time I drove by it and it sat there for 7 years until the previous owner and I agreed on a deal. Lots of things to work on but is driving and can’t wait for the good weather gets here to tackle the issues. Thanks for the site.
    Silvio from Salem Massachusetts.

  2. RamblinRose says:

    Anyone else out there psyched for this pages existence but bummed that it hasn’t been updated in a couple years? I’m thankful that people are excited about these vans and I’m looking to acquire as big a network as I can in order to find parts and knowledge etc… Im on both International Facebook groups but would love to email those in America or find an American Facebook group for these busses. Feel free to look me up and email me!

    • dorksta1 says:

      I dont get around to this page like I should, but it’s not forgotten! I just approved a bunch of new posts.

      • Cory says:

        Thanks! An American facebook group would be great too. I only know a couple people in America with these vans that I found on different international FB groups.

  3. bigrusty says:

    We’ve just brought that bus!

  4. Kellee says:

    Hi. I am looking at a 1974 bus with 80,000 miles on it. 4 cylinder. I am trying to find out if the $11k asking price is reasonable. Could you point me in the direction of resources? (I’m in the US)

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