Mercedes Diesel Trucks Specs: L1113, L1116, L1316

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  1. Alex Wylock says:

    I am restoring a L 1316 from 1980 rollback and am in dire need of some parts, such as window seals, floormat, locks, brake parts etc. Can you help?

  2. Bill says:

    I have a 1980 L1116 box truck for hauling horses. My brakes went bad. I am in the same situation. I have looked everywhere for a master cylinder with no luck. I do have the shop manual, if anybody needs a particular set a pages, let me know…. and if you have a line on brake parts, I would appreciate it.

    • Jeff Dyson says:

      I have a 1983 Mercedez benz L1116 and in need of a brake booster or parts. Can you help and lead me in the right direction?
      Jeff dyson 1-904-759-1087

      • steve says:

        I have a L1116 rollback and am in dire need of an electrical diagram. would like to talk to bill regarding his shop manual. 630 330 4336 or 630 553 6555 steve

    • Jeff Dyson says:

      Did you ever find your brake parts for your mercedez truck? where did you find them?

      where did dyou find

  3. ode gabriel says:

    the parts are everywhere on the street in nigeria.where the demand for these ” beast of burden” is very high.

  4. ode gabriel says:

    will buy any L series truck in any condition.
    +234 8171 886 996

    • Nick Frechette says:

      Ode Gabriel, are you still looking for any L series truck to purchase? I have an 84′ L1116 I’m considering selling.

  5. TOO says:

    Is any of these trucks for sale?

  6. bob hearst says:

    I have a new dual circuit brake master cylinder for MB1113 with hydraulic brakes.
    I can send pix if wanted.



  7. I am repairing engine of mercedes benz truck model 1113, diesel , 6 cylinder. The engine head requires bolts and I am uncertain of size/pressure required. Any guidance you may provide would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you

  8. A Ravat says:

    Here in SA the parts are in good supply. I bought a break master cylinder. diesel tank, 3 rims, 2 mirrors. Supply pressure tanks, bleed pump, air filter, wiper blades, 30 wheel nuts. Starter and various other bits for R5000 thats $320.

  9. Nick says:

    Has anyone found a reliable source for parts on these trucks? L1116

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