Mark D’s 1975 O309D

1975 model that worked as 1 of 10 M-B buses as a tour bus into Denali Nat’l Park n Alaska 3 mos./yr for 10 years and then as a tour bus 10 years here in WA on Whidbey Island:

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  1. joshuanielsen says:

    I JUST BOUGHT THIS SAME MODEL, similar collars. im on port townsend Washington

  2. joshuanielsen says:

    wondering where u get parts and such? love to chat.

  3. ; usually available

    went to Mexico last year and had painted the original blue (as seen under the hood in the engine bay) and a green Seahawk-Sounders stripe replacing the white all around and in front around the lights as well. Bus is currently in AZ and will be back in WA before April 2017. May be interested in selling round then. Tires all replaced with original size Westlake 6.50/R?16 last year avalable only from a company in Benicia, CA about$100 each

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