Ryan’s 1972 0309 Microbus / Camper


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  1. MADierking says:

    It would be great to know where the current O309D bus owners are located so someday we can plan a rally/ rendezvous! A step in that direction might be to sign off with your name and location, eh?

    Mark Dierking
    Seattle, WA

  2. Ralph Cotter. says:

    Would like to buy a Mercedes 309D.
    Any idea where I should start?
    Many thanks!

    • Paul Stockman says:

      Ralph: May 16, 2014
      I have a 1972 MB O309-D for sale, located Southern New England, MA
      It’s in good running condition.
      Feel free to contact me at

      • declan says:

        Hello Paul
        i am looking for a Mbenz mini bus. Not too sure of the letter designation. Can you help me ? is yours a mini bus ?

        look forward to your reply
        best delan

      • Cory Bell says:

        Hello, I’m sure its been awhile since you’ve checked this but I’m looking at buying a 78 d309 as a “project”, aka to convert into a camper. The asking price is $5,000 in running condition. What is your condition and asking price? Im in Providence R.I.

        Thanks, Cory

  3. Jeff Sanford says:

    I agree with having the registry more active, to maybe get together, or at least to exchange information and resources.

    1975 o309d
    Jeff Sanford
    Provo, UT

  4. seattleike says:

    I am looking for a 0309 passenger bus in good condition. Any leads appreciated ian@usnetwork.com

  5. Mark van der Marel says:

    Got two of those….nice O309….
    Nice to be part of this group.


  6. David says:

    I have a 1974 0309D, Jeff and I have met up once and brought our two together. Good times.

    I do need a windshield for mine pretty badly, Found one in Oregon for $700, any other ideas?

  7. Tony LaBella says:

    I am looking to buy M-B trucks for example 1116 or similar.
    Please call Tony @ 609-706-7065,or email tonylabella@verizon.net

  8. joshua says:

    I have 2 1975 309’s for sale if any of u guys are still looking….. lots of pictures and lots of parts. One complete verry nice rv conversion and the other still set up as passenget bus. joshuanielsen@live.com. leme know.

  9. Cory says:

    Anyone interested in exchanging information I’m in New Hampshire with a 1975 O309D. Converting it to a camper / RV. Coryrbell@gmail.com

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