1967 Type L 406 G – O309 D Catalog A (12124)

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  1. Paul Stockman says:

    Have a 1972 O309-D in USA, located Southern New England.
    In good running condition.
    20 passenger, side facing Bench seats, was used by Hertz as an airport van in the 70’s. I will need to source consumable/usable parts, and am on the lookout for replacement steel panels for the rear, as available.
    Please feel free to contact me concerning same.

    • Matthew Fitzgibbons says:

      i purchased a 1967 L406DG (formerly a german postal van, short wheelbase, tall roof, sliding front doors, 270 degree rear swingout doors, factory painted school bus yellow) from an elderly woman a few year ago and have experience tracking down various parts, manuals, etc. in the process i acquired numerous rust repair panels (aftermarket), window seals and the like. feel free to contact me for advice or guidance.

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